The law firm’s practice is focused on providing legal advice with regard to all stages of the complex process of concluding a public procurement contract. We offer the following services in this area:

– analysis to establish whether the rules of the Public Procurement Act (PPA) apply to a specific transaction;
– compiling the required documentation for public procurement contractor selection procedures – for our clients who are contracting authorities under the PPA;
– preparing all necessary documents for participation in selection procedures for public procurement contractors;
– drawing up a consortium (civil partnership) contract settling the relationship between the participants and the division of their rights and obligations;
– assistance in negotiation for concluding a public procurement contract under the special procedure with agreement provided for in PPA;
– representation of our clients in the public procurement procedure – submission of documents, attending proceedings of the relevant contracting authority commissions as provided for by law, preparing all the relevant documentation;
– legal representation before the Commission for the Protection of Competition and the Supreme Administrative Court for appeals of contractor selection decisions for public procurements.

We offer consults on any legal issues pertaining to concession relationships. Here are some of the services we can provide in this area:

– compiling documentation for concession holder selection on assignment by a concession grantor;
– compiling all necessary documents for participation in a concession holder selection procedure;
– consultations on the signing and execution of concession contracts;
– consultations on construction contracts between public and private partners;
– incorporation of special-purpose companies and public-private partnerships for execution of concession contracts;

ongoing legal service of concession holders during their operations and other activities.

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