We offer consultations on any issues relating to financing, both on domestic and international level, in various economic sectors. Our lawyers have substantial experience in providing legal services to banks and non-bank financial institutions, investment firms, and publicly traded companies with respect to investment projects and introduction of new products.

We offer legal services covering:

  • Bank guarantees, letters of credit, promissory notes;
  • Syndicated loans;
  • Debt financing – consults regarding the entire process of bond issue, transactions with bonds and government securities, drawing up convertible loan agreements, etc.;
  • Credit agreements;
  • Cessions;
  • Payment services and payment systems;
  • Clearing and netting;
  • E-banking;
  • Bank insolvency;
  • Debt collection;
  • Debt restructuring;
  • Repo transactions;
  • Swaps;
  • Financial derivative instruments and financial products;
  • Government securities;
  • Financial collaterals;
  • Pledges, special pledges, mortgages.

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